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7 Signs That Scream "Your Brand Needs a Heart!"

First of all, let me explain what I mean by a brand with heart.
A brand with heart is one that comes to life because it expresses the beating heart of your business. Your amazing vision, your core values, and the passion you have to change your industry - or even the world - all breathe life into your brand. Brands with heart exist to improve on the way things are currently done and are often focused on improving lives, communities and our world. By nature, they are bandwagons that people love to jump on because their visions are so clear and so inspiring. They keep people engaged because they are working for something that matters! They become the story your raving fans begin telling themselves about your products or services and the source of endless referrals.

The crazy thing is, so many people with huge hearts create brands without heart. A brand without heart always struggles with competition, downward pressure on margins, and retaining great customers and employees. Is your bran…